How long does this project go on for? 

From March 1st through August 31st, 2017.

How did the artists decide where to draw the circle?

The artists chose a circle that would connect the very different neighborhoods in New York City to the Guggenheim Museum. The line of the circle goes directly through the central atrium of the Guggenheim Museum's atrium. It's circumference was decided by establishing its center as a point on the map in the East River called Middle Ground and then extending into Harlem, the South Bronx, Astoria Queens and back through the Upper East Side. 

How were the six partner venues chosen? 

The research and development of the project took over a year. The artists traveled the whole circle many times and visited every publicly accessible place that happened to fall on the line. The final selection of locations was made to create as broad as possible of a cross section of venues, value-systems and audiences. 

Where do I get a spinning wheel like the one on the front page? 

You can pick up a free spinning wheel at any of the six venues. The wheels act as an introduction to the project as well as a map to find out what is where each month so you can plan your visits. 

How and where do I see the project?

The project can be viewed at any of the six partner locations. Each location has hours when they are open to the public (check the Locations page for specific open hours). Every month each location hosts special events on additional days and times – check our calendar of daily events and special programs. 

How can I visit all of the locations in one day?

Each location is accessible via public transport, and a few are even walking distance from each other. Check the Itineraries posted on our blog, which will help you plan visits to multiple locations on days when several events are happening on the same day.

Do I need a ticket to visit the partner locations?

Every Saturday, from 5:45–7:45 pm, visitors to Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum can pay what they wish for admission. (Suggested admission is $10 and the last ticket is issued at 7:15 pm. A line forms at 5:15 pm.) All other locations are free to visit at all times.

Are the daily programs and special events free?

Yes, all daily programs and special events listed on the calendar are free and open to the public. Some require an RSVP, which will be indicated in the information about the event.

I am not able to visit any of the partner sites. How can I see what is happening as part of . . . circle through New York?

Check our blog for a closer look into what is happening around . . . circle through New York. We regularly post videos, photos, texts and other documentation to share the many experiences gathered over the course of the project. You can also follow us on Instagram at @circleny or #CircleNY for more updates.


What type of a bird is Pinkie and how did she become a part of this project?

Pinkie is a salmon-crested cockatoo, also known as a Moluccan cockatoo, who has been in the care of Pet Resources, one of our community partners. The team at Pet Resources specially chose Pinkie to participate in . . . circle through New York because of her warm and friendly personality, and of course her beauty and charm as well!

How is Pinkie being cared for?

Pinkie is under the supervision and care of dedicated and specially trained caretakers at each of our partner locations. Pinkie also receives regular visits from an avian veterinarian, as well as her best friend and handler from Pet Resources.

Have any professionals been consulted towards Pinkie’s care and participation in this project?

Dr. Alexandra Wilson of the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine has consulted on Pinkie’s participation in . . . circle through New York, as well as her daily care routine. We remain in regular and close communication with Dr. Wilson to ensure that all safety, health and daily care protocols are being properly implemented. Learn about Dr. Wilson’s support for . . . circle through New York here.

What do people who have met Pinkie think about her?

Pinkie loves to meet new people, and most of her newfound fans admire her for her serene, playful and friendly personality. Pinkie has already inspired paintings, drawings, dances, and countless curious conversations. Everywhere she goes, Pinkie forms bonds with new friends at each location, so her fan base grows by the day.